Staff Profile: Larkin Roof

November 11, 2009


Larkin Roof, Store Manager

“I know where everything is so you don’t have to.”

How long have you worked for Mama Goose and what do you do?

I’ve been working here a little over three years and I’ve basically been doing it all since my first day.

How did you land at The Goose?

I grew up right here in Ithaca. I worked in my mother’s store, The Jewel Box, most of my life in one capacity or another. After finishing my master’s degree in social work, I tried to take a break and take my time looking for a job that would suit me in my field. I quickly grew impatient as I do not do well with too much idle time, and decided to apply for this “fun little part-time job” to give me something to do while I looked. I had no idea that I would be managing this awesome store three years later.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Teaching parents about useful products for babies and taking some of the mystery out of all these baby things. I love teaching about the Ergo Carrier, diapers, and shoes.

What is your favorite product/s?

I really like working with the new shoes. They are all so cute, I find myself wanting them to come in my size. I also love the Wild Apples dragon pull toy. It is so unique with its striped “spinny” wings.

You do all the product ordering, right? How are those decisions made?

We get a lot of product ideas from our customers. When we’re  considering a new product for Mama Goose, we all crowd around the catalogs and put in our two cents. After it’s an established product, it becomes my job. I enjoy the relationships with the different vendors and getting to know the various industries. I’ve learned a lot about the history and background of diapers, laundry soap, baby carriers, and children’s shoes which is a long way from my jewelry background.

Do you have a favorite or funny Goose moment?

Yes, my first day of work at the Little Goose. It was a record breaking day and Kelly and I worked alone together. She taught me how to use the cash register by shouting out instructions while simultaneously doing “buys”. When the “buys” got too backed up, she threw me into that too. Now we take two weeks to train people to do all the tasks I did that day. My favorite was the next morning when Kelly exclaimed, “You came back!”

Do you have a favorite children’s book?

I love children’s books. Some of my favorites are the series by Laura Numeroff, including, If You Give A Pig A Pancake and If You Give A Moose A Muffin.

What is your favorite business in Ithaca other than MG?

Hard question to answer! I love Castaways for the GREAT music and there’s always something good happening on the weekends.

Do you have a group, club, organization, blog or business that you’d like to introduce and link to?

A business that I’d love for us to link to is of the Jewel Box.

Here’s what Kelly says about Larkin:

When Larkin goes on vacation, I get really stressed out. Her job is hard! She has a lot of responsibility and handles it all beautifully. She is a rock when it comes to everything with two exceptions: She forbids anyone to eat a banana anywhere near her and she hates the way everyone piles stuff on her desk on her day’s off. The staff is very good about stashing banana peels in the men’s bathroom garbage can, but they mischievously put stuff on her desk. Maybe it’s their way of saying they miss her when she’s gone.

Larkin’s co-workers completed the following sentences about her:

I always go to Larkin whenever I need help with …

big decisions.

Larkin is the authority on …

Ergo Carriers, new products,  and everything!

Whenever I work with Larkin, I can always count on her

to use her hands when she talks.

What I respect most about Larkin is

she just takes it all in stride.

-The Geese at The Goose


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