New Orleans Clothing Drive

November 4, 2009

Recently, The Goose partnered with local relief organization, Love Knows No Bounds, to send children’s clothing and goods to the 7th Ward of New Orleans.

Love Knows No Bounds (LKNB) sends volunteers, toys, appliances, furniture and heaps of love to New Orleans and we are thrilled that we can help with their incredible mission.
Remember the little Goose? Clothing drives could only happen for a week before our shoebox size closet  was filled to capacity and the Goose at the register had to watch her back! The extra space is useful but it’s not the only thing that makes this partnership work. Catherine Martinez, the donations coordinator and co-director of LKNB is the powerhouse behind the process.  Without fail, Catherine comes to the store several times a week for pick-ups so the Mama Goose backroom doesn’t get too piled up.  She then sorts through the donations  making sure that the useful items are organized and ready for the truck. LKNB cannot use heavy winter coats, so when Catherine finds a coat in the donations, she takes them to Angelo’s Drycleaners who cleans them and makes them available to local families.   LKNB is an effective, efficient  program that we like being a part of. Our customers also  appreciate having the option of having their leftovers go to a good cause.


Catherine at The Goose

So, here’s how the clothing drive works. You bring us your clothes to sell and any items not bought by the Goose can be donated to our friends on the Gulf Coast. It’s always up to you whether you take your leftovers or leave them for donation.

To learn more about Love Knows No Bounds visit their website or call the Volunteer Coordinator, Mike Ellis at (607) 277-6515. To donate materials contact Catherine Martinez at (607) 279-4116.

Here are several links that describe the 7th Ward and the rebuilding efforts in New Orleans. 7th Ward Wiki page, August ’09 Huffington Post article, and Pre-Katrina history of the 7th Ward.

-The Geese at The Goose


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