Fashion is Fun

October 27, 2009

Last winter, Mama Goose participated in a fashion show at the Ithaca mall. The fashion show was part of a philanthropic event called “The Crayon Carnival” that sought to raise public awareness about “Going Green”.  Mama Goose was invited to be a part of the event to demonstrate the sustainability of buying second-hand kids’ clothes and locally-made items.  We shared the stage with one of our favorite stores (and West End neighbor) Tuff Soul. Tuff Soul utilized Cornell student as their models and we used children of staff members and customers.

Mama Goose staffers, Julie and Sandy, coordinated the clothes for the kids which turned out to be a huge job.  Each outfit (including shoes and accessories) was assembled straight off the racks and a lot of effort was put into representing the wide variety of styles that can be achieved by shopping at Mama Goose.  The kids were amazing and brave, and put on a great show for a crowd of beaming onlookers.  After the high of the performance, the kids were happy to shed their carefully ironed outfits and take a stroll up the mall where Kelly was heard ordering twenty-two ice cream cones!

-The Geese at The Goose


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