Labels for Layers

October 8, 2009

Labeled sweaters and jacket.

Labeled sweaters and jacket.

Cold weather came on us quickly this year! Chilly mornings and warm afternoons mean several wardrobe changes for your little ones and more opportunity to lose an odd mitten or scarf. Sewing labels in your kids’ jackets, sweaters, scarves and hats can help minimize the loss a bit.

A quick google search brings up an assortment of options. I chose these from because they are made in the USA and they look good!

One benefit of sewing labels, rather than ironing or using marker, is you can easily take the stitches out before passing the clothes on or selling them.  If you stick with minimal information, you can use the labels for all your kids and using your cell phone number might be helpful when traveling.
Once you’ve done this chore, the safe keeping of your families’ layers is really out of your hands. You just have to take a big sigh as you watch your children and their layers go off into the great unknown.

-Kelly Goose


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